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Snapping One Photo at a Time

At Offbeat Creative, every frame is a canvas and every video intended to be a masterpiece in storytelling. In corporate marketing, video is never just a medium but a powerful narrative tool designed to breathe life into the story of your brand. 

Our video production agency blends creativity, technical expertise, and a deep understanding of what content should be to make it not just good… but great and convincing.

Follow us as we describe how we typically approach a project.

the Photograpghy Process

At Offbeat Creative, we know that a well-informed client is a client who will fully participate in and contribute to the video production process. We believe in articulating it clearly as early as this web page, when you don’t yet know our team and are discovering us and our portfolio. It’s a quick read, designed to get us on the same page from the get-go.

The 3 Ps?

If you are familiar with the video production process, you already know this quasi-cliché called the “3 Ps of video production”. If you are not familiar with them, let’s just say these are simply segments of a process that will ultimately result in the story you want to tell.


Planning: The first segment is the pre-production segment, where together we set the stage for a successful outcome.

Production: This is the execution phase, where our creativity comes to life with your full input.

Post-Production: Where we refine and polish, so that the project carries the voice of your brand to its intended audience.


The video production process follows this model. You know where we stand, when each “P” starts and stops, and what’s coming up next.



The magic begins here. We dive deep into the ethos/telos of your brand, and understanding your goals. That’s a fundamental step to crafting a narrative that will resonate with your intended audience. At the pre-production stage, we accomplish four sub-steps: concept development, scriptwriting, storyboarding, planning. Together with you and your team, we lay the groundwork for a successful outcome.


Now the transformation process starts. This is where we convert raw footage into a compelling story. The members of our editing team (editor + sound engineer + graphic designer) work in harmony to splice the footage, color grade it, and a lay down the soundtrack. Our main challenge: keep your audience engaged all along.


The action happens here. Assembled over several years, the Offbeat Creative crew counts skilled videographers, DPs, directors and assistants. Their only goal: bring the storyboard to life. At this stage, the crew is all about capturing the right shots, the right light, and the essence of your message.


Your video project is close to be delivered. Together with your team, we strategize how to use reels and shorts on the various social media platforms and on your own website to help your video reach the intended audience effectively.


We evolve by learning. Post-release, we analyze the impact of your video, gather feedback from viewers, and deliver these insights to your team for future projects.

Our Signature Approach

Storytelling is the beating heart of everything we do. As you can see in our portfolio, we have worked with a large diversity of brands — from the fashion-forward Bernardo to the financial giant J.P. Morgan — crafting narratives that speak to their intended audience.


Our work with AWS and Shutterstock Studios showcases our ability to associate technical prowess with creative storytelling, making complex concepts both accessible and engaging.


Timeline: Adapting
Our Work to Your Needs

Every project has its unique rhythm, and at Offbeat Creative, we respect the timeline of each. From the intensive four-day shoot for Bernardo, creating a year's worth of content, to the ongoing series for J.P. Morgan, we adapt our pace to suit the project team's needs.


We deliver on time at a high production quality level.

Principles of Production Quality

You will probably agree that high production quality is not just about high-rez images, the latest equipment, and keeping in touch with emerging artistic trends. Otherwise, some state-of-the-art movies wouldn’t have bombed at the box office.

Instead, we think production quality is rooted in 3 principles:

Storytelling Must Be Cohesive:

The story we tell for your brand must be engaging, with accelerations and breaks in rhythm, surprise turns and unexpected shots, fun and serious moments, a color palette that sets the mood, a location that  creates the ambiance of the work. And, of course, superb wordsmithing!

Cinematography Must Pull in Viewers:

Ever thought about why that commercial or that short didn’t work for you, even though the product or the topic should have? Most likely, you were left outside looking in. The cinematography didn’t pull you into the frame. Great cinematography harmonizes the underlying message with underlying symbols. It plays on what is left untold, what is not obviously shown, what secretly pulls the strings of your imagination and emotions.

God Must Be in The Details:

That’s what American architect Mies van der Rohe wrote, and we believe him. When we plan the storyboard, we have already asked you a lot of questions to know everything that matters to your brand about the object of the project. When we start production, we have already planned the end of production. Even if flexibility of flow is key to inspiration, we shoot with a result in mind. On location, every member of our team has a role to play in catching up what shouldn’t be there, or adding what isn’t there but should be. And when we edit, we think constantly of how your viewers will receive it. Will they be actively participating or passively receiving? Of course, we already know where to meet them, because at the pre-production stage, we will already have thought of the demographics, the distribution platforms, and the formats to be used to reach out to them.

Case Studies: Insights
Into Our Work

May we encourage you to visit the Case Studies > Events and Case Studies > Social sections of our website?


We have written case studies on multiple photo production projects carried out for well-known brands to help you decide whether or not the team at Offbeat Creative would be a good fit for your brand and your project. Discover the shorts and get the inside track on examples of our work. Ask us any questions: we are glad to share.


BG Films About Us Photo

Our Process:
Standardized But Customized

We definitely follow a process that has proven to work and to deliver results on a predictable budget. We standardized our procedures because rules are the best way to detect deviations. No one has infinite time to waste an infinite budget.

However, your team is certainly different from all the other teams we have worked with. So when we work with you, we customize our approach to fit your rhythm and what matters for your project. We remain flexible in our flow to accommodate your non-negotiables.

Your Story, Our Lens

At Offbeat Creative, we are not just video producers. We are storytellers, innovators, and stakeholders in the creative journey that promises the results you want to see. We blend technical expertise with a passion for visual storytelling, and create videos that tell your story in a manner that resonates with your intended audience.

Call us, let's bring your story to life.

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