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Video production is our bread and butter, and without a doubt, one of the most important storytelling methods. From social-specific content to coverage of events of all sizes, our social video production team is here to help.

Our video production team at work on the Hanover Project


What's a website without the help of a photographer? What's a campaign without content? Product, event and portrait photography is an essential component in storytelling and is a key aspect of the social media content we can help create.

Portrait photographer at work on location in Jersey City


Offbeat Creative excels in social media strategy and content creation, boasting a team of experts skilled in crafting engaging narratives on social platforms. Our social media professionals specialize in impactful storytelling and visually compelling content, ensuring your brand captivates audiences and fosters meaningful connections online. Trust us to transform your social media presence, driving engagement and amplifying your brand's message with every post.

BG Films social media strategist Autumn Colon
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