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What we did (highlights):

Offbeat Creative has been producing dynamic recap videos at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) for over 5 years now. This past year we partnered with our good friends at MC-2 to produce multiple day-of recap videos to promote their large collection of work at the event. Our team assisted in the creative direction on how the videos would look and feel, along with the social media management and guidance. And of course, our tried and true video team captured all the footage used within these recaps. We'll be excited to be back at CES in 2024. 




What we did (deep dive):

In the heart of the bustling CES 2023 event, Offbeat Creative had the privilege to collaborate with MC-2, one of the trade show industry pioneers, to create a series of captivating video assets that left a lasting impact. As the curtains rose at the world's most influential tech gathering, Offbeat Creative seamlessly blended creativity with technical expertise to bring MC-2's vision to life.

A Symphony of Video Assets

At Offbeat Creative, our team embarked on a journey to transform MC-2's ideas into immersive visual experiences. Through meticulous planning and unwavering dedication, we crafted a diverse range of video assets that reflected the essence of MC-2’s powerhouse booths they created for their diverse set of clients. Capturing everything from sleek product demos that showcased cutting-edge technology to engaging interviews with industry experts, each asset was meticulously designed to capture the essence of MC-2’s booth creation and each of their clients specific brands.

The Offbeat Creative Difference

Our dedicated video production team played a pivotal role in accomplishing MC-2’s goals. Armed with state-of-the-art equipment and an unparalleled passion for storytelling, we delved into the heart of CES 2023. Leveraging our expertise, we created daily social media content that resonated with the tech-savvy audience. With a finger on the pulse of social media trends, we ensured MC-2's online presence remained vibrant and engaging throughout the event.

Day-of Video Magic

One of the highlights of our collaboration was our ability to create dynamic day-of video content. With a talented post-production and video editing team at our helm, we transformed the raw footage we captured into polished, impactful videos on the very same day. These instant creations not only captivated attendees but also amplified MC-2's reach across various digital platforms. Through seamless video editing and creative storytelling, we brought the excitement of CES 2023 directly to the screens of viewers worldwide.

Crafting Memories, Leaving Impression

As the curtains fell on CES 2023, Offbeat Creative stood proud, having played a significant role in MC-2’s success. Our video production skillset is more than just a service; it is a partnership, an alliance dedicated to ensuring MC-2’s goals were not just met, but exceeded. Through our collaborative efforts, we not only delivered outstanding video assets but also crafted memories that will be etched in the minds of attendees and viewers alike.

In the world of visual storytelling, Offbeat Creative continues to push boundaries, creating narratives that resonate, inspire, and endure. Our journey with MC-2 at CES 2023 was not just a project; it was a testament to the power of innovative video production and the art of turning ideas into extraordinary visual realities. To learn more about our services please contact us here. 


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