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What we did (highlights):

Fandom 是一家为各类粉丝打造的娱乐公司,也是参加世界著名的纽约动漫展的众多公司之一。 2019 年,Fandom 在动漫展周末期间首次举办了场外活动。Benjamin Gabriel Films 受邀制作了一段视频,不仅突出了这一令人难以置信的事件,而且还传达了这一事件所关注的统计数据的相关性。我们在 2022 年再次与 Fandom 合作重新出现 在现场活动世界中与他们的纽约动漫展派对。我们捕获了下面的动态回顾特征 fandom 和 the  的完美结合_伙伴 谁帮助举办了这个惊人的活动。



What we did (deep dive):

In recent years, Offbeat Creative has solidified its reputation as a prominent player in the financial institution and credit union space, earning recognition for its innovative and impactful storytelling. The latest chapter in Offbeat Creative's success story involves an exciting collaboration with Wells Fargo on a special project aimed at deepening the bank's connection with Native communities nationwide.

Wells Fargo's Commitment to Native Communities

Wells Fargo, the leading bank within the Native community, has been steadfast in its commitment to fostering meaningful connections with Native Peoples across the United States. In a move to amplify their efforts, Wells Fargo hosted a Native Peoples network event that sought to expand collaborations and partnerships with Native communities. Recognizing the significance of this initiative, Offbeat Creative was brought on board to create a full mini-documentary that would encapsulate the unique relationship Wells Fargo shares with the Native community.

The Native Peoples Network Event

Wells Fargo's Native Peoples network event served as a pivotal platform for the bank to engage with and learn from the diverse Native communities around the country. The event aimed to strengthen ties, foster understanding, and explore new opportunities for collaboration. As the number one bank within the Native community, Wells Fargo's dedication to building relationships that go beyond financial transactions was evident in the event's objectives.

Offbeat Creative's Role in the Project

Offbeat Creative, known for its expertise in crafting compelling narratives, was entrusted with the task of producing a full mini-documentary that would capture the essence of Wells Fargo's engagement with Native communities. This ambitious project required a unique approach to showcase the special relationship between Wells Fargo and the Native Peoples.

Collaboration with Goods & Services

To bring this vision to life, Offbeat Creative collaborated with Goods & Services, a creative agency known for its excellence in storytelling and brand development. The partnership between Offbeat Creative and Goods & Services ensured a seamless fusion of creativity and strategic communication, delivering a narrative that would resonate with both Wells Fargo's audience and the Native communities involved.

A Unique Mini-Documentary

The resulting mini-documentary not only highlights Wells Fargo's commitment to the Native Peoples Network but also delves into the stories and experiences of the individuals within these communities. Through captivating visuals and heartfelt interviews, the documentary serves as a powerful tool to showcase the bank's genuine dedication to understanding and contributing positively to Native cultures.

The Social Team at Wells Fargo

The success of this project was also attributed to the collaboration with the incredible social team at Wells Fargo. Their insight and expertise in engaging online communities played a crucial role in ensuring that the documentary reached a wide and receptive audience.

The collaboration between Offbeat Creative, Goods & Services, and Wells Fargo on this special project exemplifies the power of storytelling in building connections and fostering understanding. As Wells Fargo continues to lead in its commitment to Native communities, Offbeat Creative takes pride in contributing to the creation of a meaningful narrative that goes beyond banking transactions, celebrating the unique bond between a financial institution and the people it serves. To learn more about our services please contact us here. 

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