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摩根大通是美国最大的银行,Benjamin Gabriel Films 多年来一直是摩根大通的合作伙伴。我们为公司制作了多个首批中型 Youtube 视频,并为 JP Morgan 的 instagram、Linkedin 和 Twitter 平台制作了社交优先内容。我们帮助制作了一个名为“鸟瞰图”的开创性系列节目,我们使用屏幕上的交互式图形来解释市场的最新趋势,并制作了该频道上观看次数最多的 Youtube 视频之一。 我们对摩根大通内容的主要目标是确保始终讲述一个故事,而不管需要的信息是什么发表 通过介质。查看下面的几篇文章,了解我们的意思。

What we did (highlights):


What we did (deep dive):

In the realm where financial institutions and creative agencies converge, the enduring collaboration between Offbeat Creative and J.P. Morgan stands as an exemplar of harmonious synergy. This enduring partnership, cultivated over several years, has borne fruit in the form of innovative digital content that seamlessly integrates financial acumen with cinematic storytelling.

YouTube Prowess: Elevating Financial Discourse to Cinematic Heights

Offbeat Creative, a luminary in the realm of digital content production, has orchestrated a series of captivating productions for J.P. Morgan's YouTube channel. This is not merely financial reporting; it is an artistic fusion of factual precision and narrative finesse. The resultant content transcends conventional financial discourse, delivering an immersive and visually engaging experience for the audience.

Social Media Brilliance: Crafting Aesthetic Narratives Across Platforms

Beyond the confines of YouTube, Offbeat Creative has orchestrated a symphony of creativity for J.P. Morgan's social media platforms, including Instagram and LinkedIn. This transcendent content strategy does not merely convey information; it encapsulates the essence of financial expertise within visually arresting and intellectually stimulating narratives, ensuring a consistent and compelling brand representation across diverse digital landscapes.

Bird's Eye View: A Pinnacle of Interactive Financial Discourse

One of the marquee achievements within this collaboration is the creation of the "Bird's Eye View" series. A departure from traditional financial programming, this series employs on-screen interactive graphics to elucidate intricate market trends. It stands as a testament to the innovation fostered within the partnership, offering audiences a groundbreaking and comprehensible exploration of complex financial concepts.

YouTube Apex: Attaining Unprecedented Viewership Milestones

In a commendable feat, Offbeat Creative and J.P. Morgan can proudly claim authorship of one of the most viewed videos on the J.P. Morgan YouTube channel. This accomplishment is not merely a numerical milestone; it underscores the capacity of this collaboration to transform financial education into a widely accessible and engaging spectacle.

Narrative Prowess: Unveiling the Human Dimension of Finance

Central to Offbeat Creative's approach in crafting content for J.P. Morgan is an unwavering commitment to storytelling. Regardless of the intricacy of the financial subject matter, each production is meticulously tailored to weave a narrative that not only elucidates but also humanizes the content. In doing so, the collaboration transcends the boundaries of conventional financial communication, rendering it relatable and accessible to a broader audience.

In an era where the intersection of finance and creativity is becoming increasingly pivotal, the enduring collaboration between Offbeat Creative and J.P. Morgan stands as a beacon of success. Through their innovative content creation, this partnership has not only educated but also entertained, setting a new standard for the symbiosis between financial education and digital storytelling. To learn more about our services please contact us here. 

你的CONTENT 是你的故事.

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