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What we did (highlights):

Salesforce est l'une des sociétés de logiciels basées sur le cloud les plus prospères à ce jour. Benjamin Gabriel Films a eu le plaisir de collaborer avec l'équipe des événements spéciaux de Salesforce lors du NRF 2019 à New York, NY. Salesforce est de loin l'une des plus grandes entreprises présentes au salon. Mais ils ne font pas que promouvoir leur entreprise entre les quatre murs du salon - ils font la promotion dans toute la ville. Les panneaux d'affichage, les pop-ups, les événements spéciaux et ce qu'ils appellent la BIG Party font tous partie de leur histoire NRF. Nous étions chargés non seulement de capturer chaque keynote, stand et interaction spéciale, mais nous étions également le principalphotographes à la BIG Party de Salesforce qui a accueilli plus de 300 invités spéciaux etplusieurs spectacles en direct. Nous nous sommes assurés de raconter correctement cette GRANDE histoire.


What we did (deep dive):

Salesforce's presence at NRF goes far beyond the traditional confines of a trade show. With a strategic vision that extends to every corner of the city, the company leverages billboards, pop-up events, and what can only be described as the iconic "BIG Party" to tell its narrative. The scale of Salesforce's reach during NRF is a testament to their commitment to making a lasting impact.

Offbeat Creative: The Storytellers Behind the Lens

Offbeat Creative took on the responsibility of not just documenting every keynote, booth, and special interaction within the trade show but also assuming a central role as the main photographers at Salesforce's BIG Party. This exclusive event played host to over 300 special guests and featured multiple live performances, making it a crucial chapter in Salesforce's NRF 2019 story.

Capturing the Essence of the BIG Party

The BIG Party, a highlight of Salesforce's NRF extravaganza, demanded a storytelling approach that matched its grandeur. Offbeat Creative meticulously curated a visual narrative that encapsulated the electric atmosphere, the vibrant performances, and the interactions that unfolded throughout the evening. From candid moments with special guests to capturing the energy of live performances, every detail was expertly documented to ensure the story was told with the same dynamism that defined the event.

Collaboration and Precision

The collaboration between Offbeat Creative and the Salesforce special event team was characterized by precision and attention to detail. Understanding the significance of each element within Salesforce's broader NRF narrative, Offbeat Creative seamlessly integrated into the event's dynamics, ensuring that every aspect was captured authentically.

The Power of Visual Storytelling

In an era where experiences transcend physical boundaries, visual storytelling becomes a potent tool for conveying the essence of events like Salesforce's NRF spectacle. Offbeat Creative embraced this challenge with enthusiasm, weaving together a visual tapestry that not only documented the events but also conveyed the energy, excitement, and innovation that defines Salesforce as a trailblazer in the tech industry.

The collaboration between Offbeat Creative and the Salesforce special event team during NRF 2019 stands as a testament to the artistry of visual storytelling. As Offbeat Creative expertly captured the grandeur of Salesforce's city-wide narrative, the collaboration exemplifies how the fusion of creativity and precision can transform an event into a lasting and impactful story. In the fast-paced world of tech and innovation, Offbeat Creative continues to be at the forefront, ensuring that each frame tells a story that resonates beyond the moment captured. To learn more about our services please contact us here. 


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