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FOX est une société de divertissement, d'actualités et de sport Fortune 50.Benjamin Gabriel Films a été chargé de créer un style d'histoire à long terme Snapchat pour la branche des actualités. Notre équipe créative s'est fortement concentrée sur la conception graphique animée au cours de ce processus. Étant donné que le projet est toujours en cours, les vidéos ne peuvent pas être visionnées, mais vous trouverez ci-dessous des captures d'écran du processus de création et des images fixes qui ont été intégrées au projet. 




What we did (highlights):

What we did (deep dive):

The story began when Fox Corporation sought a creative force to elevate its branded content strategy. Enter Offbeat, renowned for its imaginative storytelling and seamless execution in the realm of video production. The decision to join forces with Offbeat Creative was a strategic move for Fox, aiming to infuse fresh perspectives into its content and extend its reach to diverse audiences globally.

Creative Synergy

The synergy between Fox and Offbeat Creative was evident from the outset. The creative teams collaborated closely, bringing their unique strengths to the table. Offbeat Creative, with its commitment to the full video production process, worked diligently on every aspect, from conceptualization to completion. The objective was clear: to craft content that not only aligned with Fox's brand identity but also pushed creative boundaries.

International Reach and Promotion

The success of the projects above were not confined to domestic screens. Fox, leveraging its global presence, strategically promoted the videos internationally. Airing on FOX TV channels and promoted through FOX social channels as paid ads, the content reached audiences across borders, transcending cultural and linguistic barriers.

The Impact

The collaboration between Fox and Offbeat Creative redefined the landscape of branded content production. The videos not only garnered attention but also reinforced Fox's position as a global entertainment leader. The impact was measurable not just in viewership numbers but in the engagement, brand recall, and positive reception from a diverse audience.

The Recap

The collaboration between Offbeat Creative and Fox Corporation exemplifies the potential that arises when two industry giants join forces. Through meticulous attention to the creative process, a commitment to quality, and a shared vision for innovation, these projects have left an indelible mark on the landscape of branded content. As Fox continues to evolve in the ever-changing media landscape, the partnership with Offbeat Creative stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when creativity and vision converge. To learn more about our services please contact us here. 


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