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Pelotón es un mundialfenómenos en la industria del entrenamiento. Benjamin Gabriel Films y Peloton se han asociado en varias ocasiones para varios activos de videos sociales pagados. Producimos el video de lanzamiento de "Peloton Lanebreak", la plataforma de juegos que Peloton lanzó a mediados de 2022, y también renovamos los activos de video y fotos de Peloton Corporate Wellness para su campaña Go To Market para celebrar su primer aniversario. Nuestra asociación ha creado nada más que lo mejor, ¡eche un vistazo a algunos de los trabajos a continuación!




What we did (highlights):

What we did (deep dive):

In the dynamic world of fitness and technology, Peloton stands as a beacon of innovation, inspiring millions to push their boundaries and achieve their fitness goals. At the heart of Peloton’s captivating digital presence is a longstanding partnership with our team at Offbeat Creative, where creativity and expertise converge to create impactful visual narratives.

A Collaborative Odyssey

Our collaboration with Peloton has been nothing short of inspiring. We’ve had the privilege to work on multiple video projects, each one pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology. One of our noteworthy collaborations was the production of the release video for "Peloton Lanebreak", the revolutionary gaming platform that Peloton unveiled in mid-2022. This immersive experience demanded a blend of creativity and technical finesse, a challenge we embraced eagerly.

Revolutionizing the Corporate Wellness Narrative

In addition to our work on Peloton Lanebreak, we took on the task of revamping Peloton's Corporate Wellness video and photo assets. As part of their Go-To-Market campaign celebrating their 1-year anniversary, we meticulously crafted visuals that resonated with Peloton's ethos. Each frame was a testament to our dedication to portraying Peloton's commitment to wellness and community.

Adhering to New Brand Horizons

Our journey with Peloton didn’t stop there. Most recently in 2023, we helped create brand new video assets, aligning seamlessly with their evolving brand guidelines. This endeavor was a meticulous process, ensuring every shot aligned to the new way of filming that the Peloton team envisioned. We used new and emerging technology to create an exciting new look to the Peloton brand!

A Legacy of Excellence

Our partnership with Peloton has always been rooted in a shared commitment to excellence. By blending Peloton's vision with our technical prowess, we’ve not just created video assets; we’ve crafted visual stories that resonate with Peloton enthusiasts worldwide. Every project was an opportunity to innovate, inspire, and elevate the Peloton experience to new heights.

At Offbeat Creative, our dedication to Peloton goes beyond mere collaboration; it's a commitment to contributing to their legacy of empowering lives through fitness and technology. As we look back on our collective journey, we take pride in knowing that our partnership has not only met but exceeded Peloton’s expectations. Together, we've created nothing but the best – a testament to the power of creativity, collaboration, and a shared vision for a better, healthier world. To learn more about our services please contact us here. 



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